Bring Potential Clients back from the TWILIGHT ZONE

Finding our bliss in ‘The Zone’ with Sport and Exercise is well known… but how about ending up lost in the hopeless ‘Twilight Zone’?

According to the World Health Organisation, as many as 75% of the world’s population are inadequately active. I found this information shocking. So, I conducted my own research leading up to developing the Hypnocize Exercise Motivation Coaching Programme. Three hundred respondents took part in my research.

My research uncovered the reasons why the respondents felt so helpless and frustrated. We call them ‘Exercise Pain Points’.

Every single respondent said that they KNOW they should be exercising, and most have at some time stepped up to take responsibility to increase their physical activity, and something has failed them. The information I gathered, via their Pain Points, shows that they are caught in a cycle of exercise attempt and failure. They are left confused and despondent when their best efforts haven’t worked, and they begin to feel hopeless and stuck, not knowing where to turn.

Think about it…if you woke up in the morning and something has propelled you towards knowing that you need to get out there and begin to exercise, but you’ve tried and failed several times already…. DO YOU PHONE A PSYCHOLOGISTto book an appointment?

This is how the cycle usually goes…

  • The person has some life event that propels them back to making the decision to exercise again, despite several previous attempts and failures.
  • They experience a physical or emotional or social pain point related to exercise.
  • They shy away, thinking that there is something wrong with them.
  • They are left feeling confused as to why others enjoy exercise and they don’t.
  • They stay in the TWILIGHT zone for a period of time.
  • A life event, perhaps medical advice, propels them back to another exercise attempt.
  • And the cycle of attempt and failure begins again, Compounding their belief that there is something wrong with them.

Think about it…if you woke up in the morning and something has propelled you towards knowing that you need to get out there and begin to exercise, but you’ve tried and failed several times already…. DO YOU PHONE A PSYCHOLOGISTto book an appointment?

Not one person I spoke to said yes to that question. In fact, respondents who had been referred to a sports psychologist were offended that it implied that there was something mentally wrong with them.

So, in that case, I asked which professional they wouldcall, to help them become physical active. Yip, most people answered, “A Personal Trainer’. For some this would be a successful outcome, but sadly, the people speaking to me did not have this good fortune.

In fact I have heard many an exercise instructor say, “Typical, they want us to do it for them, but they have to want to do it for themselves”..

Well, yes, they do need to want to do it for themselves. Know what? They don’t know how.

I have so often been met with a tearful plea “PLEASE JUST HYPNOTISE ME AND MAKE ME LOVE EXERCISE!!!” If only it was that easy.

What these clients need, are focused, specific, well researched, tried and tested processes, to assist them to work through their resistance. And it can rarely be done in the pool, or working publicly on a piece of gym equipment.

So these people are stuck somewhere between advice from busy health professionals telling them to get active, not believing that they need psychological help, and the well -intentioned exercise profession.

So, I realised that there was something missing… and it baffled me. What do I call this and how do I put a safety net over this hole that so many people are disappearing into… losing hope… feeling like an absolute failure.. despite their attempts to become more active.

Well, I turned Google inside out looking for solutions, and turnkey programmes, that I could implement.. I discovered the profession of an Exercise Therapist –… but it’s another version of Personal Trainer.

Life coach is maybe beginning to get there… but it’s still too broad….

Then I googled Exercise Motivation Therapist….. and NOTHING came up… then I googled Exercise Motivation Coaching… again.. nothing…. so… HAH… I realised that I had finally found it… a name for that safety net over the big black hole, to catch that vast number of disheartened, disillusioned people!

Since 2010, during my search for solutions, I have discovered some of the scientific reasons behind this confusing cycle of failure; and I have worked tirelessly to create a programme, to ensure that being an Exercise Motivation Coach wasn’t just some gimmicky thing…. But totally BELIEVABLE for both you as the professional, as well as your client.

Seven years later, Hypnocize was finally launched and started selling, in the UK .

The goal of the Hypnocize Exercise Motivation Coaching Programme, is to identify 6 Zones that address the Exercise Pain Points and bring these clients out of the Twilight Zone.

Bearing in mind that the 3 main reasons given for not being active are lack of TIME, MOTIVATION and ENERGY; here is a brief summary:-

Launch Zone – Set a small achievable goal to release dopamine.

Couch Zone – address stress to stimulate Motivation.

Emotion Zone – Address fears and emotional setbacks related to exercise.

Thought Zone – Address the power of positive thought towards exercise. Think up more Time.

Body Zone – Identify blocks held within the body.

Energy Zone – Find Energy Thieves and stimulate new Energy. (and address the main reason most research respondents want to exercise…. Weight Loss.)

So, as an exercise instructor, how can this benefit your business, and career?

Imagine having a set of turnkey tools, so that every client who signs up with you, or your business, has the option of one paid introductory session, where you can uncover their exercise pain points and become aware of their goals?

In my opinion… every single exercise business should be asking these questions before any client takes their first class:

  • What has been your greatest exercise success in the past?
  • What put an end to that success?
  • What has been your worst exercise experience.. and why?
  • What are your expectations this time?
  • How can I help you to achieve that?…

Once you have established whether there are any Exercise Pain Points, it feels fantastic to be able to say to that client…”Well it just so happens that I have a programme that is designed to make sure that this time, you will resolve any obstacles that present themselves.”

For some, just that introductory session would be sufficient to get them on their way. For others, they may need to complete an entire 6 session coaching programme with you, to truly overcome their resistance, while they ease into becoming active again.

There are so many clients just waiting to discover that they can LOVE WHAT EXERCISE CAN DO FOR THEM! If I found 300 respondents via a simple question on Facebook, imagine how many people you could discover.

You could take it one step further…

Consider for a moment that every exercise facility, from large gyms to small yoga studios, who want to hold onto that deluge of “NEW YEARS RESOLUTION” memberships and Spring season “GET THE BODY READY FOR SUMMER” clientele, offered their new clients signing up, one introductory session with YOU, to discuss how to make their winning decision, to sign up, a lasting success… the market is HUGE!