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There is something for everyone here. Whether you have been sedentary for years, or very active.

Connect to these e-Courses online from anywhere in the world… as well as meet with me live online.

How to Find your Fit Fun Sexy!

Personal Exercise Motivation. Work with Tracy in Person.

All you will ever NEED to get your GROOVE back! Discover how to LOVE what exercise can do for you!

  • Get that Body in Great Shape!
  • Lose Weight
  • Bring back the FUN!
  • Get the “twinkle back in your eye!”

Sport and Exercise Professionals

Broaden your scope of practice, with these Exercise Specific Mind Coaching Skills.

Uncovering a Clients’ Exercise Pain Points is relatively easy, however the key is helping them to unblock negative patterns towards exercise; to sustain long term adherence.

They soon learn that they CAN improve performance; overcome fatigue, and bounce back from disappointments. 

Hypnocize Practitioner Training

Become the GO-TO Psychotherapy Practitioner for Exercise Motivation! 

It is a known fact that physical activity improves Emotional Wellbeing.

This Course offers you Skills to work around your clients’ Exercise Resistance, due to Pain Points, so that they unlock their exercise potential, and sustain Emotional and Physical fitness in the long term.

Tracy as a teacher...

30 years of teaching experience.

Tracy began her teaching career at the age of 22, and owned her own SCUBA and Water Skills Facility. Her teaching career extended to International Hypnotherapy Diploma Instruction, which culminated in acting as an online Mentor and Assessor for and International Psychotherapy Institute. This sound foundation of experience places her in a strong position as a course creator and online teacher.

Feedback & Reviews

Thank you to my professional Colleagues and Clients who have contributed, supported and been my sounding board.

This is an extremely comprehensive course- it is NOT just a Life Coaching programme. It is a product in a league of its own because of the unique blend of the hypnotherapy, CBT and sports psychology applications.  I would  take nothing less than  AUS $ 1000+ for the course, it is that good Tracy!

Doc B

Medical Doctor, Specialised in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy with an appreciation for Alternative Health

“Well @*%& done!!! Sorry but the swearing is TOTALLY required! I am so very impressed – well done on following through with your dream Tracy!”.


Physiotherapist - Cape Town

“This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out!

I have travelled the World with Tracy, during this process… I can modestly say that she has made me a Bear-lebrity at International Conferences… I have the easy job taking selfies with my fans…while Tracy delivers presentations to International audiences of Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapy Professionals “



Let me help you overshoot your Exercise goals in the right ways.