I believe … that with the RIGHT support, sense of belonging and trust, EVERYONE can discover how to… “LOVE what exercise can do for you!”

About Tracy Clifford Statt

My story

Exercise Motivation Master

During my 30 years of Sport and Exercise Instruction, as an Advanced Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Professional:-

I have been honoured:

… to be asked to work with adults and children when they have survived a near-drowning incident, to get them water safe and free of trauma. It takes a great deal of trust for an adult to learn to swim, and I have had the privilege of being the official swim school for our local SANPARKS rangers, and Training Outwardbound Instructors.

I LOVE a Challenge:

… I have competed in TWO World Championships.

I have a well developed sense of PLAY!

…. As part of this project, I decided to become a Pole-Dancing Instructor … to inspire other women to believe…. YES I CAN!

What can I do for you?

I Coach.

Having 30 years of hands-on Sport and Fitness Coaching, as well as 12 years of Teaching, Mentoring and Consulting,

I have combined the best of both, to bring you the incredibly effective Hypnocize Exercise Motivation programme.

I Speak.

As an experienced International Speaker and Presenter, in the Psychotherapy profession, and Exercise Coaching realm.

I relish opportunities to address audiences, on the topic of Exercise Motivation.

I Teach.

The Hypnocize Exercise Motivation Therapy Programme is for Health Professionals to address challenges encountered when advising clients and patients to increase levels of physical activity, to improve Physical and Emotional Wellbeing.

I’m a public speaker who has Wow’d a room full of Clinical Psychologists from across the Globe!

“At an Inaugural Congress in Lanes End, UK in 2017, I presented a Client Case Study, to an audience of Psychotherapists from as far afield as Australia, Europe, South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA. 


“What an absolute pleasure it was meeting Tracy, although it was very brief!! Your presentation was   awesome by the way, infused with enthusiasm,   humour and such zeal!!! What a blessing you have been to your lady on whom your case study was based on…

I look forward to hopefully meeting you again some day soon .”

I’ve worked with all levels of physical fitness, from Surgical recovery, to High Performance.

My Sport and Exercise Instruction has evolved through SCUBA diving, to Swimming Skills, Water Aerobics and Sailing Instruction. I have worked with adults and children from beginner level all the way to International Competition, having participated in two Sailing World Championships myself.

I soon discovered that water is therapeutic on an emotional level. This meant that clients often opened up to me about their personal circumstances. I was taken into confidence when children and their families were encountering challenges, so that I understood if a child was behaving out of character. This inspired me to complete the FAMSA Family Foundation training course, to equip me with tools to handle these situations professionally.

Let me help you overshoot your Exercise goals in the right ways.